I applied for an internal position. I aced the interview but still got rejected even though I was the top candidate.
I worked for this company for 3 years, and only got two interviews for internal jobs I applied for. I never got promoted even though I was acting in the position.
I later learned the person hired was a friend of my boss.
I got tired of the internal politics and started applying externally and was offered an amazing opportunity.
My old boss asked me to come back for the same promotion. I told him, "Thanks, but no thanks."

Lessons learned:

1. You can be the best candidate and still not get selected.

2. If you didn't get the job, it was never meant for you.

3. You weren't rejected, you were redirected.

4. Your value does not decrease based upon someone's inability to see your worth.

5. Believe in yourself and keep trying, the right door will open for you.

“ Sometimes in the winds of change , we find our true direction.”

Many of us have stifled our dreams by heeding some misguided critic who implied we were not good enough. Rejection is unavoidable in a creative life. Learning how to deal with rejection will keep you from plummeting into a place of immobilizing despair.

Overcoming Rejection

Keep in mind that you will probably never get rid of rejection; you may be rejected many times until the end of your life. Rejection on the whole is painful but viewing rejection as a "blessing in disguise" will help you overcome it that much more easily.

  • Have a vision and don’t let anything or anyone deter you from following it. Take Courage. Put full steam into the next best opportunity you are working on.
  • Keep a positive mental attitude. Pick up the pieces and dust yourself off. Don't let rejection cripple you. Let it motivate you. If you focus on positive thinking, even the harshest defeat is only a steppingstone.
  • Don’t take it personally. Rejection is not a measure of your self-worth. When somebody rejects you, sometimes they are acting on their own insecurities and fears.
  • Avoid over thinking the rejection. Don’t torture yourself repeatedly, reliving the moments of humiliation and thinking what you could have done to counteract it. If you keep picking at a scab, the wound would keep bleeding and you will never heal.
  • Don’t feel sorry for yourself and slump into an attitude of self-pity. When we get rejected, we trap ourselves in a moment of doubt and distress. Focus on professional and personal (spiritual, emotional, mental, physical) development.

    "Rejection doesn't mean that you aren't good enough; it just means the other person failed to realize what you have to offer." -Mark Amend

As my grandmother would always say, "What is meant for you will not pass you by. If it didn't open, it's not your door." A little patience my dear. Remember, it’s not about how many no’s you get. It’s about that one YES. Shake off rejection and disappointment and keep going.
Don't give up. Your time will come!